General regulations



The Brussels Furniture Fair is organized by the ‘Salon International du Meuble – Bruxelles’ hereafter known as ‘the Furniture Fair’.
Location: Brussels Expo (Heysel), Place de Belgique 1, 1020 Brussels.
Dates: from November 8th until 11th 2020.
Open every day from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m., on Wednesday until 6 p.m.



Manufacturers of products intended to be sold by furniture dealers and interior decorators, or considered as secondary products in furniture retailing and interior decoration.



The stand space is the exhibition surface, put at the disposal of the exhibitor and defined in square meters.



The stand fee is the expense for the use of the stand space, including the general services mentioned on the enrolment form. The stand costs include the advertisement campaign, the placing of the sign, general supervision, general heating, general lighting and signposting, and the upkeep of the common areas.

Erection of stands is not included, except for the all-in concepts.



File costs: € 300. Stand fee: € 81 per square meter. Minimum stand space: 30 m². Electricity connection and insurance (€ 1,20 /m²) are obligatory services. Page in catalogue and on the website: € 150. VAT and any supplementary taxes will be charged to the exhibitor.



The price of the all-in concepts includes the stand hire and the set-up of the stand in accordance with the relevant concept. For Square this means walls (3 m high), carpet, lighting and electricity.



All orders of goods, services or technical achievements can be made through the vademecum, which will be sent to the exhibitor after enrolment. All orders placed during the setting up of the Furniture Fair, or during the Fair itself, are subject to an additional charge. Cancellations are not accepted after October 20th.



  • For payments, only transfers on our account (IBAN BE 09 4352 2515 4157
    – BIC KREDBEBB). Checks are not allowed.
  • All bank charges are to the account of the payer.
  • All invoices must be paid within 14 days.
  • In case of enrolment after September 15th, the file costs, stand fee, insurance and services ordered must be paid immediately.


Exhibitors will only be admitted to their stand after full payment of file costs, stand fee, insurance and provided services.



Interest of 1 % per month and a fixed compensation of 15 % with a minimum of € 50 will be charged automatically without notification on any amount not paid within the agreed periods. The Board of Directors reserves the right, without obligation to give notice of such, to officially and without any other warning take possession of the stand for which the exhibitor has not paid the full rent and/or the file costs by the deadlines given in art. 8. In this case, art. 10 will be implemented.



In order to enroll, the exhibitor must duly sign and return the form provided by the Furniture Fair to their office, and counts as a definitive commitment by the exhibitor. Enrolment will then be confirmed by the Furniture Fair. Enrolment obliges the exhibitor to occupy the allocated stand and to keep it set up and open at all times during opening hours and until the end of the Fair. In the event of cancellation by the exhibitor, all payments (file costs, stand fee and, possibly interest) remain due to the Furniture Fair, even when the stand has been rented to another exhibitor. As participation is on a non-transferable basis, no renounce or transfer  – not even partially – is permissible.



The location and shape of the stand space is indicated by the Furniture Fair. Concerning the stand allocation, the Furniture Fair may organize the stands by certain criteria. In case of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure, the Furniture Fair retains the right to change the location of a stand assigned to an exhibitor.



The Furniture Fair has signed up to the following policies:

  • A legal liability insurance for the amount of € 5,000,000 (for itself and all exhibitors collectively). This policy is complementary even to contracts signed by the exhibitors at a later date.


  • An all risk exhibition insurance for the stand materials and the goods on display. The main components of these clauses are described in the Services File.


A copy of the policies will be forwarded to the exhibitor at his request.
The exemptions and exclusions of these policies will be charged to the exhibitor. Each participant agrees to pay his share in the all risk exhibition policy. The Furniture Fair declines all responsibility for loss, damage or other harm done to objects and goods on display, of whatever nature and for whatever reason.

Personal items are excluded.


Only professionals possessing the requisite entrance pass issued by the Furniture Fair and reserved for furniture professionals are allowed access to the Fair. Direct sale to individuals is strictly forbidden.



No advertising is allowed outside the stands. Vehicles parked in the car-parks reserved to the Furniture Fair and its visitors will not be used for publicity purposes. Exceptions must be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. The Board of Directors is not obliged to give reasons for its decisions, which are issued without the right of appeal.



Within the framework of the General Regulations governing fire prevention, as drawn up by the Directors of the Brussels Exhibition Center, exhibitors shall be obliged to conform strictly to the legal regulations governing this matter. In the case of non-compliance, the exhibitor himself is directly responsible for any loss. These regulations are available on request.



Smoking is forbidden in all exhibition areas where shows for the general public and specific professions are held. This regulation applies both during the show itself and during installation and demolition.



All electrical installations in the stands have to respect the General Regulations on electrical installations and the rules of the Special Regulation by the electricity service of the Brussels Exhibition Center. Before the opening of the fair a technical inspection is carried out by an independent body, whose decision must be complied with. These regulations are available on request.



No goods may be brought in or taken out during the Fair, unless written approval is issued by the organizers.



It is forbidden to take photographs inside the Fair, except for professional photographers in possession of a special pass issued by the Furniture Fair and with the exception of exhibitors photographing their own stand.



The Furniture Fair Brussels processes all personal data that the Applicant-Exhibitor and the Exhibitor provide in accordance with the European privacy protection laws and the Furniture Fair Brussels’ Privacy Policy, of which the Applicant-Exhibitor and the Exhibitor declare having taken acknowledgement. The Privacy Policy is available on the Furniture Fair Brussels’ website or can be obtained on demand.



No parts of the website and Fair catalogue may be reproduced without prior written permission from the Furniture Fair of Brussels.



The exhibitors recuperate their packing material and waste. The exhibitors commit themselves to leave the stand site at the end of the Fair in the same condition in which they found it. Waste, carpet and other materials used in the stand construction must be removed by the exhibitor at the end of the Fair. The adhesive tape used to fix the carpet must also be carefully removed. The costs of removing materials, adhesive tape and paint stains, in other words the clearing up of the buildings and repair of any damage caused by exhibitors, their employees or their stand constructors shall be invoiced to any exhibitor who fails to respect these regulations.



The exhibitors renounce their right to pursue a claim against the Furniture Fair for whatever reason or whatever damage. The exhibitors have no claim to damages incurred by postponement or cancellation of the Fair due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure. In the event of an application being rejected the applicant is not entitled to any form of compensation, nor can he hold the Furniture Fair responsible for any damage suffered by the applicant or by third parties. All eventualities not dealt with by these Rules of Procedure will be settled by the Furniture Fair’s Board of Directors. All decisions are final. No appeal is possible, and exhibitors commit themselves to abide by this. The applicant undertakes to observe the clauses of the present regulations. In the event of a dispute, the Brussels Courts are the only competent courts for hearing any possible litigation.