The Brussels Furniture Fair is currently working out a Covid protocol together with the Covid coordinators appointed by Brussels Expo. Due to the evolving nature of the Covid pandemic, we continue to closely follow current events in order to ensure that the Covid protocol evolves along with the generally applicable safety regulations and prescribed government measures.

We are currently exploring and implementing the following themes and focal points in collaboration with Brussels Expo:

Event Risk Model

Together with the federal government, an Event Covid Risk Model is being devised which every trade fair organiser can use to assess Covid safety. Once this has been filled in, the organiser is given the green light to organise their event, provided all Covid safety requirements are adhered to. For more information, go to:

UV-C Air purification system

Since September 2020, all trade fair halls, meeting rooms and workspaces at Brussels Expo have been fully equipped with a UV-C- disinfection system. For more information, go to Communication-UV-C-BRUSSELS-EXPO-EN-7e7884899a.pdf

General Guidelines

  • Face masks are obligatory across the whole site
  • Hand sanitiser will be freely available throughout the trade fair
  • Hand sanitiser will be made available on the stands
  • Whilst standing, a 1.5 metre social distance must be maintained

Crowd control

On site

  • Visitors will be encouraged to respect the general rules
  • Visitors will be encouraged to sanitise their hands
  • Visitors will be encouraged to download the Coronalert App
  • The Furniture Fair will provide signposting to seats
  • The sanitary zones will be equipped with the necessary signage

In advance

  • Website will be regularly updated
  • Updates via MB Newsletters


  • Obligatory advance registration
  • Every visitor will be registered by name
  • Follow-up of the evolution of the EU Coronavirus passport

Cleaning protocol

  • Additional cleaning and disinfection of busy zones (entrance, catering, toilets, escalators, door handles, etc.).
  • The Furniture Fair is discussing the possibility of offering stand cleaning with an extra disinfection round.
  • In the sanitary zones, hot air hand dryers will be replaced by paper dispensers

Monitoring protocol

  • Camera monitoring of visitor density
  • Hygiene Guards for extra monitoring specifically for Coronavirus Team of paramedics on site

Catering protocol

  • No buffets
  • Only packaged food and drink in sealed bottles or cans


  • Analysis of the need for rapid tests and temperature taking
  • Hotels, restaurants and public transport will follow the sector-specific safety measures prescribed by the City of Brussels:
  • Additional focus on air ventilation in the halls, with a significantly enhanced supply of fresh outdoor air.
  • Every supplier to and partner of the Furniture Fair is committed to signing and complying with the official Brussels Expo Covid Guidelines
  • There will be a focus on contactless equipment and contactless payment